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How We Celebrate Our Independence

My plan for this Independence Day involves hot dogs, hanging out on my friend’s balcony, and watching the fireworks on the East River. I think it’s a pretty good way to spend my day, but New Yorkers have been celebrating with parades, beaches and parties since we pulled down that statue of King George. Some [...]

Enjoy This Keith Haring Mural In Your Home…For Just $10 Million!

Wish you had an original Keith Haring work in your home? The luxury can come built in for just $10 million! According to New York Magazine, this TriBeCa home used to be a part of the School for Visual Arts while Keith Haring was a student, and he painted this wall in his signature style. [...]

Have You Seen What’s Going On At Governors Island?

Governors Island, situated right off Brooklyn’s Buttermilk Channel, has played an important part in New York’s military history. During the American Revolution, canons on the island protected the East River. During the Civil War, Castle Williams and Fort Jay held Confederate prisoners of war. In 1966, it became a National Coast Guard base. And throughout, [...]

Taste of New-York History: We Tour The Brooklyn Brine Factory!

For this edition of our interviews with A Taste of New-York History vendors, we got a special treat! Shamus Jones of Brooklyn Brine invited us to tour their Brooklyn production facilities, where we watched pickles get born.  They start off with fresh cucumbers from Mr. Pickle, the “old guard Brooklyn pickle makers” who expanded to [...]

Taste of New-York History: Interview With Scott Ketchum of Sfoglini Pasta

Sfoglini Pasta focuses on making freshly extruded pastas from local grains and ingredients, experimenting with new flavors like beet, nettle, and even everything bagel! We spoke to Sfoglini co-owner Scott Ketchum about making pasta, New York’s food scene, and how best to cook their bagel pastas.

The Day Jackie Robinson Signed With The Dodgers

Is everyone excited to see 42, the new film about Jackie Robinson? We definitely are, especially because 66 years ago today, Mr. Robinson officially signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers, and took to the field in an exhibition game against the Yankees! Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia in 1919 and began his professional baseball [...]

New York’s First Jews Came From Brazil!

If you’ve noticed the matzoh displays in your grocery store, you’ll know that Passover is coming up soon. New York’s metropolitan area is home to the world’s largest Jewish population outside of Israel, beginning in 1654, when twenty-tree Jewish refugees established the Congregation Shearith Israel in New Amsterdam. It was the first Jewish congregation in North [...]

Keith Haring Paper Lantern Installed In The Luce Center

Keith Haring painted this Japanese paper lantern in 1988. Installed on Monday, it’s part of our latest rotation from the Keith Haring Foundation. This rotation, on view through June 2, focuses on Haring’s Pop Shop Tokyo project. On January 30, 1988, (25 years ago yesterday!) Keith Haring opened  the Pop Shop Tokyo, following the successful opening of [...]

New York’s Gilded Age, In The Spotlight Again

It recently came to our attention that Julian Fellowes, creator of the BBC hit show Downton Abbey (what did everyone think of the third season premiere?), is setting his sights on New York’s Gilded Age for his next show. The Gilded Age was a remarkable time of growth in America, taking place roughly from the [...]

For Red-Tailed Hawks, Skyscrapers Are Just Cliffs

As we’ve mentioned before, John James Audubon often depicted the dark side of nature through birds of prey. His watercolor of two Red-Tailed Hawks shows two of the birds fighting over a fresh kill, a common sight in bird territory. However, many people assume that a bird’s habitat is a secluded forest or cliffside. Not [...]