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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Who’s ready for the St. Patrick’s Day parade?  New York City has longstanding Irish heritage, with the first known reference to any celebration of St. Patrick’s Day found in a 1756 issue of the New-York Post-Boy. The first reference to a parade was in a March 1766 New York Gazette. Then, homesick Irishmen serving in the British […]


A Look At Some Of Our Favorite Vintage Food Toys

Every kid remembers that magic moment of getting to the bottom of your cereal or Cracker Jack box and finding a prize. It could have been a plastic ring, or a puzzle, or a toy of a cartoon character. It was the best part of the morning. So here are a few of our favorite […]

A Tomahawk With A Past

Many objects in the Luce Center, where nearly 40,000 objects from the New-York Historical Society’s permanent collection are displayed, are beautiful to look at. But they are also intriguing portals into the past, making us wonder “Why these objects? What makes them so important?” The answer lies in not what they are, but the story […]