Keith Haring Creates for Kids!

Keith Haring and his art dealt with some very adult topics: AIDS, drugs, and Apartheid to name a few. But there was always whimsy in Haring’s work, which became even more evident as he turned his artistic attention toward children. “There is nothing that makes me happier than making a child smile,” noted Haring in a 1988 journal entry. “The reason the ‘baby’ has become my logo or signature is that it is the purest and most positive experience of human existence.” He created posters for the New York is Book Country fair and New York City’s Reading for Fun campaign, and even animated educational shorts for “Sesame Street” like this one!


We’d like to see Banksy try that! The next rotation of the New-York Historical Society’s Pop Shop installation, on display September 17, 2012, focuses on Haring’s work with children. Through September 15 check out the current rotation, which addresses Haring’s work with AIDS awareness.

So, does anyone remember seeing Haring’s work on “Sesame Street” growing up? Do you remember seeing the posters around the city? Tell us what you remember about Haring’s work in the comments!


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