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Photos: New York Is A Winter Wonderland, No Matter The Year

New York is a magical place in the winter—just look at the snow outside right now! From the holiday decorations to ice skating in Central Park, there’s always something fun to do in the winter, even if it’s just watching the snowflakes fall outside your window. Below are some of our favorite images of the city in winters past.

Recognize this structure? From 1896 to 1941, Castle Garden (now known as Castle Clinton) served as the Battery Park Aquarium. Before that, it was a fort, an entertainment center, and the entry point for many immigrants before Ellis Island was built.

Who needs a skating rink when you have a frozen pond? These oarkgoers made the best of the cold in Flushing, Queens by strapping on their skates and enjoying the outdoors. Though now, you can always skate at the World Ice Arena if you prefer to skate indoors!

This photo shows the statue of John Ericsson in Battery Park, decorated with a nice holiday wreath. Ericsson was a Swedish engineer and inventor who was best known for designing the USS Monitor. Here you can see the original builder’s model for the ship.

Grace Church still stands beautifully on 10th street and Broadway in Manhattan. In this photograph, you can see that a long exposure time was needed to capture the image, with all the people depicted on the street in a blur.

Where would New York be in the winter without the intrepid street sweepers? There’s no way anyone could get around without their work, which thankfully they’ve been doing since at least when this photo was taken.

As you can see here, the snow pile up after the street cleaners come down can be quite large!

Of course, many New Yorkers take the winter as a time to go on a great vacation. Niagara Falls is always a popular spot, especially with gorgeous views like this after a heavy snow.

What are your favorite memories of New York in the winter? Let us know in the comments!


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