A Taste of New-York History: Liddabit Sweets
July 25, 2013

I actually came to New York for acting school. I graduated NYU in 2005, and kinda-sorta auditioned for stuff for a couple of years while working a terrible office job. I’d always thought about food as a plan B, and after realizing I wasn’t cut out to try and make a living at acting, I started looking into culinary school.

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Taste of New-York History: Brooklyn Roasting
June 27, 2013

New York has long been a food capital, from the upscale kitchens of our finest restaurants to the bagels and sausages on the street corners. But as anyone who has walked around Brooklyn has figured out, the next chapter of New York’s food history has everything to do with the local, “artisanal” food scene that…

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Taste of New-York History: We Tour The Brooklyn Brine Factory!
June 20, 2013

For this edition of our interviews with A Taste of New-York History vendors, we got a special treat! Shamus Jones of Brooklyn Brine invited us to tour their Brooklyn production facilities, where we watched pickles get born.  They start off with fresh cucumbers from Mr. Pickle, the “old guard Brooklyn pickle makers” who expanded to…

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Taste of New-York History: The Redhead
June 13, 2013

How did The Redhead start? What was your goal behind it?
My partners bought an old jazz bar in the East Village with the goal of turning it into a neighborhood restaurant almost 7 years ago. I did not get involved until almost a year after they bought the place.

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Taste of New-York History: Interview With Fiona of Papabubble
June 6, 2013

When did you discover that being a candy maker is what you wanted to do with your life?
When I realized it was an option! We had moved to Barcelona and our friends who started the company made that a reality.

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Taste of New-York History: The Good Batch
May 30, 2013

The Good Batch is focused on making not-too-sweet treats like cookies, bars, and classic Dutch stroopwafels. We spoke with Anna about learning to bake, her love for Brooklyn, and why she won’t compromise on making fresh products.

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Taste of New-York History: Mast Bros. Chocolate
May 23, 2013

How did you guys first get started with chocolate? What was the market missing that you wanted to provide?
We started really just out of a curiosity for how things were made and there was chocolate, one of the most popular foods on earth and no one really knows how it’s made. And so it began!

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Taste of New-York History: Interview With Brent Ridge of Beekman 1802
May 9, 2013

Founded by partners Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell in 2008, this Sharon Springs, NY farm produces everything from goat cheese to soap to condiments. We spoke with Brent about learning to farm, their show The Fabulous Beekman Boys airing on the Cooking Channel, and getting Upstate New York the attention it deserves.

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Taste of New-York History: Interview With Scott Ketchum of Sfoglini Pasta
April 18, 2013

Sfoglini Pasta focuses on making freshly extruded pastas from local grains and ingredients, experimenting with new flavors like beet, nettle, and even everything bagel! We spoke to Sfoglini co-owner Scott Ketchum about making pasta, New York’s food scene, and how best to cook their bagel pastas.

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