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Nineteenth-Century Toys, No Need To Recharge!

These days many kids are used to solving puzzles on an iPad or reading along with a DVD. But our holiday exhibit, Batteries Not Included: Toys and Trains at the New-York Historical Society, shows you don’t need an electricity source to have fun! The New-York Historical Society has a collection of approximately 3,000 toys and games, […]


How Trains Got From The Rails To Our Toy Chests

Every child in America has probably played with a toy train at some point. But why do toy trains hold such sway over our imaginations? Miniature trains were first created as models to accompany proposals for new rail systems as the world entered the industrial revolution. As trains became more and more common, so did […]

What Historians Are Reading: Thomas Bender

In this series we ask some of our friends what they’re reading to discover what the teachers want to learn, and what we can learn from their choices. This week we’re hearing from Thomas Bender, Professor of the Humanities and Professor of History at New York University, and Co-Chief historian of Revolution! The Atlantic World Reborn. […]