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Jacob Lawrence And WWII Integration

In 1943 America was deep into WWII oversees, but was also fighting a battle of inequality. The “Double V” campaign waged by many African Americans insisted that if they were to be fighting for their country abroad, they deserved equal rights at home. The Red Cross was segregating blood, and troops were not allowed to […]


From WWII to Hurricane Sandy: New-York Historical’s Public Service

In the wake of Pearl Harbor, New York mobilized for war, and the New-York Historical Society was no exception. As the city braced for possible enemy attack, the New-York Historical Society took precautions to protect the collection as its staff members departed for the Armed Forces and defense factories. Nine New-York Historical Society staff members […]

No Matter The Reason, Celebration In Times Square

In a few days, thousands of people will brave the cold to ring in the new year in Times Square. The ball will drop, confetti will go up, couples will kiss, and there may be a celebratory drink or two. The mood in Times Square was much the same on VJ Day, which brought an […]

Your Stories of World War II

At the end of WWII & NYC, there is a phone booth labeled “Talk to Us,” where visitors have been leaving their comments, questions, and personal stories of World War II. Some remember what it was like to serve, others what it was like to hide under their desks at school during air raids, but […]

Protect Our Brassieres! WWII’s War On Lingerie

  When World War II broke out, men and women were both expected to give their all to support the war effort. For many women, that meant joining the ranks of the WAVES or becoming a defense worker. Women all over the country went to work building planes, ships, and other supplies for the men […]

History On Your Google Streetview

Ever wonder what your neighborhood looked like 200 years ago? Wish you could see what historical events happened in your backyard? Well, Historypin is here to help. The website allows museums, historical and cultural organizations, libraries, and everyday people to tag images to a Google map, enabling visitors to “tour” the world through old photographs. […]

What On Earth Is A Cyclotron?

During World War II, the US, UK, and Canada teamed up for a research and development program to develop the first atomic bomb, which would be nicknamed the Manhattan Project. After word spread that one of Hitler’s scientists had split an atom of uranium (a process known as fission), the Allies began work on creating […]

Japan Surrenders! The Documents of V-J Day

On September 2, 1945, the Japanese formally surrendered to the Allies, in a “twenty-minute ceremony which ended just as the sun burst through low-hanging clouds as a shining symbol to a ravaged world now done with war,” according to the New York Times.  “It is my earnest hope and indeed the hope of all mankind […]

Ken Follett Brings History Alive

The title of Ken Follett’s new book about life during World War II, Winter of the World, is quite literal. “The triumph of Stalin’s regime in the Soviet Union and Hitler’s regime in Central Europe was a bloody tragedy for the human race. The keynote of that whole period was the struggle against the worst […]

D-Day Through The Eyes of Technical Sergeant Nick Tanis: What’s Your WWII Story?

This October, the New-York Historical Society will present WWII & NYC, a massive exhibition looking at the effect World War II had on the city. Fathers, husbands, and sons were shuttled overseas from New York’s ports, while mothers, wives, and daughters picked up the work the men left behind. WWII & NYC features many firsthand […]